5 Reasons To Get A Shade Sail At Your Place

When thinking about your dream home – what is happening outside is just as important as the inside. Designing a space for the whole family to enjoy will help create lifelong memories. Here at ACTshade, we listen to what you want to make your idea a reality, all in a timeframe that works for you. If you are currently on the fence about getting a shade sail – here are five reasons why you should:

Protect Against The Sun

Imagine having the perfect deck, pool area or courtyard but you couldn’t enjoy the space in the summer because its directly in the sun.. This is where you would benefit from a custom shade sail. Choosing a shade cloth with a high UVR protection will stop you getting getting burnt from the harsh sun, whilst still letting air flow underneath. 

Spend more time outdoors

With a shade sail durable for all weather conditions, you’ll be protected from the burning sun, rain or hail. This means your entertaining area or vehicles will be safe from all weather conditions.

Along with this, a shade sail is a small, underrated decorative feature that can transform your space. When choosing a colour and design that ties in with the ‘vibe’ of your space, you will be able to use your space to relax, play or entertain. 

Reduces energy

By blocking out the UV rays coming directly into your home, the overall temperature of the house is noticeably lower. Thus, no need to blast your air conditioner to keep cool.

And as a bonus, shade sails can be taken down! So in the winter, you can take it down and let the sun warm up your house.

Low maintenance

Once you get a shade sail installed by the professionals – all the hard work is done! The shade will work its magic so you can sit back and relax. Unlike freestanding umbrellas or gazebo’s, there is no need to constantly put up/take down shades and move around with the sun.

Custom to you

Lastly, if you decide to get a shade solution at your place, it will be custom made to your house, style and vision. Whatever the space, the budget or the vision, any experienced installers should be able to create a shade solution for you.