Mastering Shade Sail Durability and Weather Resistance

roof from the sun on the playground boat, coast.

In a world where over 80% of people prioritise quality and durability in outdoor products, shade sails are no exception. These are not just accessories; they’re essential for enduring outdoor comfort, built to withstand nature’s extremes. At ACT Shade, we meet this demand head-on. Our shade sails are more than decorative; they’re durable shields crafted […]

Cost and Value of Shade Sails

Colourfully Sun Tent on Blue Sky. Yellow, Orange and Red Shade Sails Pattern.

Shade sails aren’t merely outdoor additions; they’re investments that elevate your lifestyle and property worth. The numbers speak volumes: from a DIY bargain at $30 to the bespoke excellence of professional installation, reaching up to $20 per square foot for custom designs.  But here at ACT Shade, we grasp that true value transcends the price […]

Shade Sail Installation Guide

Roof from the sun on the playground boat, coast,

Did you know that a well-installed shade sail can reduce temperatures underneath by up to 20 degrees? That’s not just comfort; that’s a game-changer.  In the world of outdoor living, the right installation is everything. It’s the difference between a flimsy cover and a majestic canopy that transforms your space. With ACT Shade, you’re not […]

The Ultimate Guide to Shade Sails

Multiple triangle shaped yellow nylon sunshades and awnings hanging over a patio deck. There are red colored canvas umbrellas hung with strings of clear patio light against a bright blue sunny sky.

Shade sails are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces. These structures provide effective sun protection, reduce heat, and add aesthetic value to properties.  In 2021, the residential sector made up 38.16% of the global shade sails market, highlighting their growing appeal. ACT Shade, with over two decades of experience, […]

Are triangular shades better?

In a simple terms – They’re not. Avoid triangles if you can. You are better off with a really curved rectangle shade. If you must have a triangle, (and they are an ok option in some situations) think about coverage. They may look good on paper or in your head, but in reality they do […]

Top ten faq with actshade

Shade Sails continue to be a mysterious building alternative for both residential and commercial applications. Most people have limited knowledge of their use and how to design them effectively, and thus have lots of questions about them. Over the past 22 years of us making shade sails for the Australian and overseas market, we have […]

Shade Sail Cleaning & Sails Maintenance in 5 steps

It always amazes me that people let their shade sails get so dirty. Often these household elements are a significant investment, but they are not treated as such. I would suggest you treat your shade cloth like you would your car- if it looks dirty, then clean it. Do not let it go so long […]

Why Do We Remote Quote?

We always get a lot of questions asking why we give out quotes before we come to your house for an on-site visit. And the reason is, we want to make sure our clients understand the financial commitment before we come over and discuss more details. By giving you a ‘draft’ or ‘ballpark’ quote in […]

5 Reasons To Get A Shade Sail At Your Place

When thinking about your dream home – what is happening outside is just as important as the inside. Designing a space for the whole family to enjoy will help create lifelong memories. Here at ACTshade, we listen to what you want to make your idea a reality, all in a timeframe that works for you. […]